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TheJoint Monitoring Committee of the Programme approved allocation of additional 3 M EUR for the healthcare cross-border cooperation projects to support them in fighting the Covid-19 outbreak. There are 12 projects (7 PL-BY, 4 PL-UA, 1 PL-BY-UA) involved including hospitals and social care centers, that now can purchase additional equipment or introduce new activities to better response to the crisis (while still implementing regular project activities).

30 partners now cooperating within the 12 healthcare projects have already got earlier access to almost 24 M EUR in total from the EU funds to support hospitals, emergency services and other units located in the cross-border area. The grants are addressed to epidemiological safety, the healthcare of mother and child, oncology, intensive medical care and many others. The additional 3 M EUR will strengthen the medical staff, bring new equipment, enable new coronavirus tests and make the cooperation over the border possible on the remote basis.

For over 15 years now the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020 CBC Programme has been supporting the security of Polish, Belarusian and Ukrainian inhabitants addressing common challenges on both sides of the EU border. Healthcare and public security have been one of the major Programme’s objectives from the very beginning.

“The release of EU funds has allowed us to react quickly and purchase a specialist device for chest screening, which is one of the basic tools for diagnosing patients with COVID-19” - said Paweł Natkowski, Director of the J. Psarski Mazovian Specialist Hospital in Ostrołęka.

"Our Partner, Regional Pediatric Clinical Hospital in Lviv decided to allow these funds for the purchase of personal protection materials for the personnel" - added Wojciech Miazga, project leader.

The Programme covers up to 90% of the eligible costs of the projects. More at

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